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Expense Tracker

Imagine it's the end of the month, your paycheck hasn't arrived and you're wondering if you are just dreaming or is that really the amount left in your bank! If you are someone like me who isn't able to keep proper track of expenses and just has to go through bills at the end of the month to be surprised, then I have created an Expense tracker in order to start getting some better sleep.

Disclaimer: Before we start, do note that it uses Google Apps Script so there are certain permissions which would be required while running the scripts for the first time. These permissions are required to run the scripts inside the Expense Tracker.


The Tracker has 4 separate tabs, each with its own purpose and details:

  • Instructions: This tab contains all the instructions that you would require to customize the tracker as per your requirements. It even has hyperlinks to ranges where any changes or details are required.

  • Setup:: This tab contains your setup to the form. This includes the type of Expenses and the Frequency of Expenses. You may overwrite the examples shared and add some examples of your own.

  • Form: This is the actual form which needs to be updated. The details on updating the form have been shared in the instructions tab. Once the form is updated and it is submitted, the details will show up in the tab :Expense Tracker. Do note that as Google Apps Script is used, you will need to grant permissions while running it for the first time.

  • Expense Tracker: This is where the data is kept once you submit the Form. Just click on the Add button in the form to add the details into your Expense Tracker.


  • Customizable: You can add your customized data points into the form and change it as you want.

  • Automatic Data Transfer: With Google Apps Script, it is possible to keep the Form clean and reusable. The data can also be stored and you can do your own analysis over time.

  • Filter: You may use the filters added in the form to filter out expenses by type,frequency,date, month,etc.

  • Expense Categorization: The Tracker helps you to categorize expenses by type.


  • Here's where it gets a little technical. The tracker uses functions and a bit of Google Apps Script. If you are interested in learning Google Apps Script, HERE's a great place to start. The script copies the data from the form and pastes into the other sheet.

  • There are Named Ranges in the tracker to assist you in getting to the exact place in the tracker.

  • The functions used are in the Google sheets and I will go over them in different posts later.

Benefits and Impact:

  • Tracking: The tracker helps you in keeping track of the different expenses over a period of time.

  • Analysis: The tracker helps you with different analysis methods such as filtering out specific expenses over a period of time.

  • Discipline: While the tracker won't bring discipline in your life, it certainly will guide you to change towards cutting off expenses which you don't want over a period of time.

Here's a brief video of how to use the Form in the Expense Tracker:

Do note the following:

  • I used the shortcut Ctrl+ ; to add the dates.

  • I double click on the date to change it to a different date.

How to get the Expense Tracker:

If you want to copy this Google Sheet, please click HERE.

This will automatically create a copy of the document.

If you want to preview the Google Sheet before copying it, please click HERE.

You can copy it after previewing the document.

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