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How to create a new sheet

It's Monday and your boss suddenly wants a separate report created for last week and it has to be done within the next 30 minutes and emailed to him. You haven't had your daily dose of caffeine and there are still bells going on in your head.

In this post we will start off with the easy part, creating that separate spreadsheet. There are numerous ways to create a report, we will go over some of them:

Creating a new Google Spreadsheet by going to

  • You will be asked to login to your Google Account if you haven't done so, or else you will be redirected to a page which will be somewhat similar to the below image.

  • Left click on the + icon above Blank and a new spreadsheet will be created automatically in your drive. Press Ctrl along with the left click to open the new spreadsheet in a new tab if you are in Google Chrome.

Creating a new Google Spreadsheet from an existing Spreadsheet

  • For this you already have a google spreadsheet open and want to create a new spreadsheet from the existing Spreadsheet without changing your tab.

  • Scroll over to File in the Menu Bar of your existing spreadsheet and click on New and then on Spreadsheet. This will create a new spreadsheet.

Creating a new Google Spreadsheet by only using your keyboard

  • Select Ctrl + t if you are in Google Chrome and are using Windows. For Mac users, select ⌘ + t This will open a new tab.

  • In the new tab's url write and click Enter. You have created a new Google Spreadsheet.

Hope this helps to start off your journey with Google sheets.

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